We work hard to give our customers a customized experience according to their needs.


Starting a project as an entrepreneur is a big challenge for everyone; but don´t worry, you´re not alone and […]


We offer our self-employed customers paying personal income tax in installments or via the simplified calculation method […]


We get to know companies from the inside. We manage your tax filings in a timely fashion electronically […]


We help non-profit associations properly comply with their obligations to the authorities. […]

Foreign companies

We can help you establish or move your Company to Spain. As we have been offering this service for over 25 years […]

Why us?

The foundations of A.Sala are based on our 30+ years of proven experience in advising companies and our team of specialized professionals.

Our mission:

To help our customers optimise their resources and plan their taxes, as well as to help them make tax savings. Our Company offers personalised advisory and consultancy services on tax, employment, accounting, audits and insolvency proceedings.

We have a wonderful team of professionals who will develop the best solution for each specific project.