We offer our self-employed customers paying personal income tax in instalments or via the simplificó calcularon metido (Estimación Directa) a timely, low-cost tax, accounting and employment advisory service. The customer can choose how to send us their accounting information, either on paper or through our online platform.

We will represent you before official bodies and defend your interests in the various authorities

You don´t need to worry about a thing. You can consult with us on whenever you need and we will help you resolve any issues or questions you might have, both concerning hiring staff and choosing the most appropriate financing for your company.

Above all, you will have people directly in charge of your interactions with the authorities.

Initial consultations free

We choose the best taxation system for your business.

This includes tax, employment and accounting

What is included?


  • Tax and Accounting Advice.
  • Tax and accounting consultations.
  • Electronic submission of all Quarterly and Annual tax obligations.
  • Including draft personal income tax (IRPF) returns to the Spanish Tax Authority.
  • Preparation of the compulsory Income and Expenses ledgers.
  • Preparation of ledgers of issued and received invoices.
  • Representation and defence before the Tax Authority



  • We manage all workplace openings and the addition of employees to the payroll.
  • We process your self-employed and accident liability insurance, as well as the following:
  • Preparation of the payslips for the General and Self-Employment System.
  • Preparation of Social Security (TC-1, TC-2 and other models). RED SYSTEM.
  • Submission of registration and deregistration before official bodies. INEM (Spanish Institute of Employment).
  • Preparation and submission of employment contracts.
  • Preparation of model 111 and 190 (Deductions)
  • General employment advice